phoneME Advanced MR2 Software

Release Description

phoneME Advanced MR2 is a Java technology-based stack designed for advanced client devices that provides a complete application platform for mobile developers.  Representing the second major release, MR2 will expand the scope of the software by adding advanced application management features to enable improved flexibility and portability.  In addition, MR2 will enable backward compatibility with existing mobile handset application environments by providing an implementation of MIDP 2.

While phoneME Advanced MR1 was developed behind closed doors, MR2 represents the first release of phoneME Advanced that will be developed with the participation of the Mobile & Embedded Community.

Feature List

While the final feature set associated with phoneME Advanced MR2 is still being determined, the primary release objectives associated with phoneME Advanced MR2 include:

  1. Full MIDP 2 support (compatible with MIDP on phoneME Feature MR2)

  2. Advanced Application Management functionality:
    • Full user interface with integration points throughout the software stack (Native & Java)
    • Adaptable interfaces for client-side middleware and other software components enabling flexible integration points

    • Event handling infrastructure (publish and subscribe)

    • Application abstraction layer enabling consistent use of MIDlets, xlets, etc.

  1. Full or partial implementation of the following JSRs:
    • Personal Information and File Management (JSR 75)

    • Bluetooth and OBEX (JSR 82)

    • Wireless Messaging API (JSR 120)

    • Mobile Media API (JSR 135)

    • Mobile 3D Graphics (JSR 184)

    • Wireless Messaging API 2.0 (JSR 205)

    • Scalable 2D Vector Graphics (JSR 226)

Additional release requirements will continue to be added throughout the early development phases of the phoneME Advanced MR2 project. If you have any requirements that you would like considered for inclusion in MR2, please email us and/or participate!

Note:  Some of the requirements above may change and while we will do our best to accommodate requests, we may not be able to accommodate everything.

Platforms Supported

Initial target platform support is limited to Linux/x86 but is expected to expand to include Linux/ARM as well.  In addition, we expect to add support for development and execution (with some limitations) on Windows/x86 workstations.  Additional hardware and operating system combinations may be available at varying levels of support in the phoneME repository.

Getting Started

See the Getting Started Guide for phoneME Advanced MR2.

To download and contribute to the platform, please refer to the Mobile & Embedded Community Governance and the Sun Contributor Agreement.

See the code repository and the downloads page.

Product Documentation

If you would like more information and/or documentation about Java ME technologies, please visit the Technology APIs & Docs page on

Platform Twikis

See the twiki pages for engineering notes, tech topics and white papers.