phoneME Advanced MR1 Software

Release Description

The phoneME Advanced MR1 software supports a Java runtime environment based on Connected Device Configuration (CDC) with related profiles and optional packages. Along with the support for CDC runtime environment, phoneME Advanced MR1 software also supports an application management framework (AMS) for deploying and managing applications.

The application management framework in CDC AMS is based on a modular design. The design goal has been to support multiple application and user experience models, by extending the framework. The current implementation supports the xlet application model, over-the-air deployment based on J2EE Client Provisioning Specification (JSR-124) and a simple user experience model.

Feature List

phoneME Advanced MR1 software contains the following features.

  • CDC VM 1.1.1
  • Foundation Profile 1.1 (JSR 219)
  • Personal Basis Profile 1.1 (JSR 217)
  • Personal Profile 1.1 (JSR 216 )
  • CDC AMS (Application Management System)

Getting Started

See the getting started guide for phoneME Advanced MR1 software.

To download and contribute to the platform, please refer to the Mobile & Embedded Community Governance and the Sun Contributor Agreement.

See the code repository and the nightly downloads.

Platform Twikis

See the twiki pages for engineering notes, tech topics and white papers.